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Horoscope Scorpio: the free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope for Scorpio – from World of Wisdom

Your Zodiac Sign: SCORPIO – The Scorpion [ October 23rd - November 22nd ]
Planets ruling Scorpio: Mars and Pluto | Fixed sign | Water sign

The position of your sun in Scorpio means that you feel things intensely, but privately, like a pebble being dropped into a deep well. In relations with others you sense all the emotions under the surface and exercise strong control. Once you have mastered your own anxiety you are able to empathize deeply with others and somehow, almost magically, empower them. Turning within you feel the maelstrom of your desires and passions and instinctively realize the transformative and purifying power that lies in immersing yourself in your emotions. In the deepest roots of your being, where fear is transformed into power, you find access to an inexhaustible source of energy.

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This is an extremely powerful day, and it is excellent for connecting with people who widen your intellectual horizons. There are positive changes in big organizations.

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Star sign: Scorpio

How does having the Sun in Scorpio affect your professional life?

There is a strong inner intensity to your character which makes a quiet impression on others. You have powerful feelings and beliefs, but you like to keep your inner nature private. Only those very close to you can get a glimpse of your essential nature. You do not like to show any weaknesses because there is an inner anxiety about being vulnerable. You function well in a stable position - economic security and an element of prestige are important to you. You are generally good at wielding power, although you have no objection to holding a low profile. You are loyal and committed to your work, but you will never forget an injustice. You can become passionately engaged in a cause, and nothing will deflect you, once you have made up your mind. You would have a lot of talent as a negotiator because you never give up, and you never show your hand.

How does having the Sun in Scorpio affect your personal life?

Being able to trust someone, and being sure that nothing is hidden from your considerable perceptive talents are essential ingredients for a good relationship. And intense emotional relationships are very important to you - you do not like superficiality at all. Turning points in your life come in the form of psychological breakthroughs which shake your emotional foundations. Often this will be connected with the transformation of a deep emotional bond, which wakens your latent anxiety connected with emotional security. By giving up the illusion of being able to control others emotionally, you are confronted with your own vulnerability. Your facade of inscrutability is transformed and a softer and more understanding side of your character is evoked. Your greatest talent is your ability to strengthen others by your emotional and mental support.

Scorpio celebrities:

Pablo Picasso, Hillary R. Clinton, John Cleese, Bill Gates, Winona Ryder, Larry Flint, Charles Bronson, Walter Cronkite, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Prince Charles, Danny DeVito, Ted Turner, Jody Foster, Goldie Hawn

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